Strawberry Field - A Piece of History Could be Yours "Forever"

24th August, 2018

Strawberry Field - the inspiration for one of the Beatles' greatest songs holds a unique place in history as it helped to shape the mind of the young John Lennon.
Did the image of Strawberry Field stay in John's mind "forever" and even influence his move to the Dakota Building in New York?

Strawberry Field is a real location in Liverpool but it is not a place the band played or even the location of an iconic album sleeve photography. The significance could run much deeper than that, offering a rare insight into the mind of Lennon.

Owners of the iconic Strawberry Field site, The Salvation Army, today issued a photograph from their archives of the old Victorian house that stood on the site at the time John was a young boy, side by side with a photograph of ‘The Dakota’ on Central Park West and 72nd Street, New York, which John lived in from 1973 – there are significant similarities between both buildings.

Both buildings are Gothic architecture in style, red brick façade and the triangular dormers have a similar striking resemblance. 

John had a troubled childhood and for him, The Salvation Army children’s home at Strawberry Field was a place of peace and refuge that not only attracted him over the wall, but was also a place to escape and enjoy a quiet spot where he could play with friends, climb trees and dream his dreams.

Property experts often state that more than 40% of decision making when purchasing a home can be down to emotions, if that is the case we do wonder if John’s purchase of an apartment in the Dakota building reminded him of the sanctuary he experienced whilst playing in the grounds of Strawberry Field, Liverpool.

The Strawberry Field site, treasured by John Lennon, has become a gathering place for Beatles fans from across the globe. Fans will now have an exciting opportunity to own a piece of the old Victorian Building that stood on site when John used to spend his time there.

Help us secure the future of the iconic Strawberry Field site by joining our ‘Strawberry Field Buy a Brick’ fundraising campaign. 

Bricks are priced at £75 per brick; orders are limited to 4 bricks per customer. Also on offer is the opportunity to purchase a ‘Bundle’ package which includes a brick, a t-shirt and a mug all for the great price of £95. The second release is available for order now simply go to the store.

Each brick is individually numbered which comes complete with a certificate of authentication. 

A spokesperson on behalf of The Salvation Army said,

“Home is truly where the heart is, we know how much John cherished Strawberry Field and that it was a special place in his heart, we want to share our thoughts with Beatles fans and encourage them to support our new vision of Strawberry Field where we can open the gates to Beatles fans and the public for the very first time.”

In social media activity on the Strawberry Field Facebook page, The Salvation Army are asking fans to vote if they agree that Strawberry Field strongly influenced John’s move to Dakota.

You can also purchase a range of exclusive merchandise that will also support the fundraising campaign to help us open the famous original red gates to the public for the very first time in summer 2019.

“The plan to open Strawberry Field to the public for the first time - so people can see a unique exhibition about the home, how and why the song was written by John, and allow visitors to explore the grounds as John did as a child - is very exciting.”

Lady Judy Martin OBE