Visit our world-renowned Liverpool exhibition: Strawberry Field

14th December, 2022

Discover the iconic site of Strawberry Field and get lost in the magic of John Lennon’s childhood

Located in Woolton in Liverpool is our award-winning exhibition in the place that was immortalised by John Lennon in The Beatles’ hit, ‘Strawberry Fields Forever’. Serving as a new addition to Beatles’ tourism within the world-famous city of Liverpool, Strawberry Field invites you to step beyond its iconic red gates and get lost in the inspiring history and musical heritage Strawberry Field displays in the newest Liverpool Beatles museum 

Much like Penny Lane, The Beatles’ Childhood Homes of Mendips and 20 Forthlin Road, and St Peter’s Church in Woolton, Strawberry Field offers an authentic connection to both John Lennon and The Beatles’ famous legacy, attracting visitors from all over the world through its doors each year.

As a special place for many, Strawberry Field allows each visitor to uncover history, celebrate music and discover the tranquility of its peaceful gardens that John Lennon explored as a child. 

One of the many things that make Strawberry Field so unique is its authenticity as a meaningful place in John Lennon's childhood. The real-life memorabilia brings the story of John Lennon and The Beatles to life. Through immersive multimedia, interviews and souvenirs, Strawberry Field invites visitors to get lost in the Strawberry Field experience.

Unearth the early days of John Lennon as a young boy and learn how Strawberry Field influenced his life and shaped his story through exclusion stories of The Salvation Army, John Lennon’s childhood and the writing and recording of ‘Strawberry Fields Forever’. 

Visitors are invited to view the world-famous piano John Lennon used to compose and record one of the greatest peace anthems of all time and the best-selling album of his solo career, ‘Imagine’. The Imagine piano is on loan to Strawberry Field, courtesy of the estate of the late George Michael.

The Salvation Army origins

Gifted to The Salvation Army in 1934, both Strawberry Field’s house and grounds operated as a children’s home from 1936 until 2005, providing a safe haven for vulnerable children across Liverpool. Today, the grounds are home to our exhibition that takes visitors on a journey back to the 1860s to explore Strawberry Field’s Victorian roots. 

Experience the archival footage, photographs, and timelines through our specialised media guide and learn more about the beginning of Strawberry Field. 

Strawberry Fields Forever

Famously cited as the inspiration for The Beatles’ 1967 single, ‘Strawberry Fields Forever’, this iconic site is now a worldwide phenomenon for Beatles’ fans across the globe. Growing up in Woolton, a young John Lennon visited Strawberry Field regularly, using the grounds as a place of tranquility and peace where he felt safe enough to play, reflect and escape the post-war streets of South Liverpool.

Once described as a ‘paradise’ by John Lennon, Strawberry Field offers a place of peace and reflection. Escape to the gardens and follow our path around the grounds and follow the footsteps of John Lennon. 
Staying true to our spiritual roots, Salvation Army-owned Strawberry Field is also a Christian Community of spiritual exploration, reflection and pastoral care. A place where you can relax and unwind.


We are proud to lead the way in accessibility thanks to a series of upgraded and innovative features across our site, allowing us to welcome visitors from all backgrounds, disabilities and walks of life. With responsible tourism at our heart, we offer full wheelchair access, tours for the visually impaired and features to support the hard of hearing as well as multi-language guides and a Changing Places toilet facility. At Strawberry Field everyone is welcome.

If you are planning a trip to Strawberry Field and our exhibition and you have additional needs, please click here to learn more about our accessibility features. 

Treat yourself

Shop authentic John Lennon and Strawberry Field merchandise from local handpicked suppliers or tuck into a delicious hearty meal from our cafe that proudly uses locally sourced ingredients for every dish on offer. 

Strawberry Field is open for visitors to come and see what lies beyond the red gates. Entry to the cafe, shop and gardens is free. Tickets to our visitor experience should be booked in advance here.


“The plan to open Strawberry Field to the public for the first time - so people can see a unique exhibition about the home, how and why the song was written by John, and allow visitors to explore the grounds as John did as a child - is very exciting.”

Lady Judy Martin OBE