Strawberry Field joins Neurodiversity in Business to Support Neurodivergent Individuals in the Workforce

10th November, 2023

Strawberry Field is proud to have become a Community Partner of Neurodiversity in Business (NiB), the voluntary industry forum supporting the participation of neurodivergent individuals in the workforce. We want to be a part of NiB’s journey to unlock the potential of neurodiversity in business for the benefit of all neurodivergent individuals. At Strawberry Field we deliver the Steps to Work programme which empowers young adults aged 18 – 25 with learning difficulties, who are neurodivergent or have barriers to employment into paid work.

NiB, led by Chief Executive Officer Dan Harris, draws on the cumulative knowledge of neurodivergent experts and leading companies to share best practices and improve the employment and experience of the neurodiverse workforce. 

Speaking upon admission to NiB, Strawberry Field's Programme Manager, Alan Triggs said:

"Neurodiversity in Business shares our commitment to improving participation of neurodivergent people in the workforce. We are committed to making Strawberry Field a place where neurodivergent employees can thrive. We look forward to working together with NiB and to improve neurodiverse recruitment, retention and empowerment throughout industry.”

As Strawberry Field joined NiB, Dan Harris, CEO said:

“We are delighted that Strawberry Field has become a member of NiB. It signals their commitment to ensuring a truly inclusive workplace and a desire to strive for the best in diversity and inclusion standards. We look forward to working with Strawberry Field and all our members in delivering meaningful change for neurodivergent individuals across business.”

Graduates from Steps at Strawberry Field programmes celebrate at the iconic red gates

About Strawberry Field:

Strawberry Field has been in the care of The Salvation Army since the 1930s as a place that supports vulnerable young people and a site of spirituality and inspiration. This legacy continues with The Salvation Army’s redevelopment of Strawberry Field to give young people with learning disabilities in Liverpool the chance to succeed and honour the site that inspired John Lennon.

We have developed Strawberry Field into a centre where these young people can join our Steps to Work programme. The Steps to Work programme at Strawberry Field is a 12-to-18-month employability programme that offers young adults with learning disabilities, who are neurodiverse and have other barriers to employment the opportunity to gain skills and work experience to help them achieve their goals.

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About Neurodiversity in Business

Neurodiversity in Business (NiB) is a voluntary industry forum that shares good practice on neurodiverse recruitment, retention and empowerment. We foster workplaces where neurodivergent (ND) employees can pursue fulfilling, stable employment and corporates benefit from a skilled and underutilised labour pool.


NiB’s 500+ member organisations include the most high-profile global corporates. A selection of the forum’s members includes Accenture, Amazon, ARM, AstraZeneca, Capita, Google, Hiscox, IBM, Kimberly Clark, KPMG, Lloyds Banking Group, McDonalds, Metro Bank, NatWest, Network Rail, Openreach, Oracle, Orange, Rolls Royce plc, Sky, TalkTalk, The Open University, Unilever and Virgin Media/O2. Our extensive partner network includes ADHD Foundation, Ambitious about Autism, Auticon, British Dyslexia Association, Do-IT Profiler, Genius Within, Lexxic and National Autistic Society

Together, we are catalysing change and building neuroinclusive workplaces. 

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“I truly believe this is a wonderful and important project.”

Peter Hooton, Chair of the Beatles Legacy Group