Steps to Work to receive funding from Ford Fund

16th January, 2024

We are delighted to announce that we will receive funding for our Steps to Work programme as part of Ford's £1m investment in the community surrounding it's Halewood site.

Amonst other projects in the local area, The Ford Fund will support the Steps to Work programme at Strawberry Field, which supports young adults aged 18-25 with learning difficulties, who are neurodivergent or who face barriers to employment.

Ford’s Halewood plant has a long history of charitable work. Its shop floor charity committee, founded in 1983, passed the £1m donation total in 2015.

Mary Culler, president of the Ford Fund, said: “As the global philanthropic arm of the company, we are delighted to work with our Ford teams and non-profit partners around the world to expand access to opportunities to help people and communities move forward.”

Thank you to Ford for your support!

"It’s a wonderful idea that The Salvation Army is going to cultivate youngsters in the precious soil of Strawberry Field."

Julia Baird, Honorary President