Join us in the making of Strawberry Field’s bandstand: What to expect

14th December, 2022

Strawberry Field, the iconic site immortalised by John Lennon in The Beatles’ hit, ‘Strawberry Fields Forever’ invites you to be a part of this exciting journey as we anticipate the opening of the Strawberry Field Forever bandstand.

Based upon the drum featured on the iconic album cover, Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band, this Liverpool attraction will feature a beautiful display of artwork painted by renowned pop artist James Wilkinson.

This new visitor attraction will encapsulate the brilliance of everything John Lennon and The Beatles were, and we are proud to present The Strawberry Field Forever bandstand as a continuation of John Lennon’s legacy and a celebration of music and a desire for peace.

You can expect exciting technology such as advanced computer lighting and sound technology including a high-powered, computerised grazing LED lighting system which can provide a variety of coloured light washes, and a control system which can queue numerous sequences.

The bandstand will also be linked to the main building with digital recording facilities and has full internet video streaming capabilities, and will feature a second, more traditional stage lighting system which includes pin spots, moving lights and Fresnel lanterns and a high-quality digital sound system. Visitors will also be able to enjoy musical and theatrical performances from the bandstand via wireless headphones as they roam the grounds of Strawberry Field.

As a young boy who lived locally, John Lennon cited one of his earliest musical memories as hearing The Salvation Army band playing in the gardens, a beautiful full circle moment for The Strawberry Field Forever bandstand that aims to become one of the newest Beatles attractions in Liverpool.

A homage to The Beatles, this unique attraction will also belong to the community, as we look forward to welcoming audiences to see musicians and artists showcasing their talents, boosting tourism in Liverpool by providing an attraction for families to visit, explore and enjoy.

“I truly believe this is a wonderful and important project.”

Peter Hooton, Chair of the Beatles Legacy Group