2021 'People of Peace' child award winner

Clarissa Greenfield

Clarissa is just 8 years old and winner of the 2021 child award.

An extract from her nomination form said: "Clarissa Greenfield is only 8 years old, but she strives to bring peace and a community feel to the area in which she has grown up in. Starting in lockdown, Clarissa decided to decorate the path outside her house with a long activity trail, she updated this every week and loved watching people play on this. Clarissa then went on to make 600 handmade pompom keyrings, which said on them "you are not alone, things will get better" and hand posted them to 600 houses in her local area. Since this, Clarissa has gone on to cycle 100 miles to raise money for the local hospital. She has collected chocolate Easter eggs for the past three years for the same hospital and last year collected over 700.

"Clarissa has just started her next community project - she is hand making her pompoms again, however this time she is aiming to make 100 and put these into clear baubles to hide outdoors in the local area for people young and old to find. Clarissa is always trying to think of the next thing she can do to make someone else smile."

Judge Paul Beesley said: "Her creativity and achievement would be remarkable if found in an adult, but for an 8 year girl this is incredible. She has shown such commitment and is clearly bringing joy and peace to so many people."

“The plan to open Strawberry Field to the public for the first time - so people can see a unique exhibition about the home, how and why the song was written by John, and allow visitors to explore the grounds as John did as a child - is very exciting.”

Lady Judy Martin OBE